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Apollo Bio Fins Pro


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Apollo Bio Fins:
Apollo Bio Fins are the world's NUMBER ONE dive fins and have been for over 10 years. The Apollo Bio Fins have been chosen as 'Testers Choice' by the prestigious Annual SCUBA Lab test 10 times in a row. Military divers use Apollo Bio Fins more than any other dive fin in the world. Apollo Bio Fins are made from 100% natural rubber ensuring strength, durability and longevity - these fins will last a lifetime. Apollo Bio Fins utilise split fin technology. Apollo was the first in the world to adopt split fin technology and is still producing this innovative design, which has not been bettered.

The Apollo Bio Fin comes in two different configurations: the Bio Fin Pro and the Bio Fin Pro XT (extra torque). 

Bio Fin Pro: Being built from a more flexible rubber compound than the XT model, the Bio Fin Pro comes into its own for medium and long distance swims where energy consumption is at a premium. You will swim these fins all day long without cramping up.
The design of our military fin makes it ideal for helicopter airdrops. If secured to the body during free fall and / or static line drops the fin will bend to the curve of the leg or torso to minimize entanglements etc. Because the flexible split blade design offers only minimal resistance upon water entry operators may choose to wear the Bio Fin during low level helicopter insertion water drops.
Both surface and subsurface operations are aided by the innovative propulsion design that reduces air consumption and fatigue by up to 40% over conventional blade fins.

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