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Snorkel - TUSA SP130


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TUSA SP-130 changed the SP-580 Hyperdry snorkel with the very latest technological advancements by improving the mouthpiece and exhaust module to an oval design, the net result is that you get the driest air delivery available today. The changes were so successful that TUSA added the design changes into the top of their range SP-170 and the latest SP-0101 draws on the design changes to produce a product that blows other snorkels out of the water!
The major feature of this range of TUSA snorkels is the pipe that provides direction to water blown upward to ensure a clear snorkel at all times. No longer is a hard sharp blast required, a moderate continuous exhalation clears water from the top as well as providing a venturi effect to expel water through the base exhaust valve under the mouthpiece.

The contoured shape minimizes water resistance during snorkeling and the pipe interior, with its bellows section, has a new flush surface to smooth the airflow. The firm but flexible material provided in the pipe also allows the snorkel to be folded to fit in pockets and mask bags but springs back to original shape


• Pre-angled purge valve eliminates gurgling of water by breathing
• Allows air bubbles to pass by the side of the face
• Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for ultimate comfort
• Detachable two-section swivel adapter minimizes the pulling feeling
• Three-dimensional pipe curve gives the ideal angle for snorkeling
• COLOR Black or Clear.

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