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Combo M&S Set: Kids 4-10 UC1214


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Black silicon version of the popular TUSA UC-1214 Mask and snorkel set. This is the best there is for kids.

Black silicon is best for visibility. Guaranteed best fit and most comfortable mask for kids. If you are worried about fitting a black silicone mask to your child then take the clear option.

The UC-1214 Mini-Platina mask and snorkel combo includes a low volume 1-window mask with enhanced vision, EZ adjust buckle technology, ClearVu tempered glass lens and hypoallergenic crystal silicone skirt and strap. The snorkel features TUSA Hyperdry technology that reduces water flow into the snorkel, a drain chamber and purge valve for easy clearing and hypoallergenic crystal silicone swivel and mouthpiece. TUSA’s industry leading 3 year warranty. Fits ages 4-10.

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