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Shark Shield Freedom PLUS Surf - Bundle 2 - with Additional Board Decal (Free via cash back) offer ends June 30!

Shark Shield

  • 76800

Price- in store and online.


This bundle is the same as Bundle 1 with the addition of an extra Decal unit for an extra board.

You pay $768 (i.e. the price for the first bundle plus an additional Decal unit) BUT you send your receipt directly to SharkShield (Now Ocean Guardian) and you get $169 cash back.  Effectively you will pay the same as the first bundle but end up with two boards equipped.  This offer is only available until the end of June 2018.


This bundle is the Power Module (with 240V charger) and the "Decal" unit that attaches to the board.  The "Decal" unit has an antenna affixed to the bottom of the board and a tailpad which houses the Power Module.

This design allows the same Power Module to be transferred to your other boards by fitting a Decal unit to each board.

This combination is solidly based on the well proven technology of the Shark Shield FREEDOM 7 - the only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent system and the only safety device chosen by professional divers in the US and Australian Navies which has become mandated equipment in the Australian Professional Abalone Diving Industry.

(The Western Australian Government is offering the same rebate on the Freedom Plus Surf as it does for the FREEDOM 7 devices. Currently the rebate only applies to the Freedom PLUS Surf Bundle


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