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Charter Costs

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Evening cruises:

  • $550 per hour (minimum of 4 hours). $700 per hour for 3 hour cruises. $1000 per hour for 2 hour cruises.

Day cruises:

  • $550 -$1000 per hour (depending on day of the week) with a minimum charter time of 6 hours . Friday, Saturday and Sundays are $1000 per hour. 

Available only on selected days on due to existing diving charter commitments.


Our standard charters are Rous Head, North Fremantle departure. We have secure parking on-site at no charge.
If you wish to have pick-ups from any other points this will need prior arrangement. We may need to check the jetty for suitability, ‘Lionfish IV’ is a large vessel and will not suit all jetties due to it’s height and length.

Docking and leaving a jetty requires a minimum of 15 minutes each way. Public jetties often allow only short time docking of 15 minutes to leave access for other vessels, you need to be aware of this. 

Please allow at least 90 minutes traveling time from Fremantle to Perth (River speed 8 knots)

Most evening charters take 1½ to 2 hours to cruise between Fremantle & Perth Waters. Some clients prefer to have time at anchor a couple of hours into the evening to allow speeches etc. This is usually done in the large river area at Mosman Bay or Attadale to keep the rocking to a minimum and allow plenty of space for other river traffic. Please advise the crew of your requirements and we will make every effort to accommodate them.

Traveling time is charged at approx.50% of the hourly rate for charters departing from points other than Rous Head, North Fremantle. For example: (travelling time and Jetty fees based on a 4 hour cruise rate)

East St  +$275+$80=$355  
Fisherman's Harbor+$275+$80=$355   
Barrack St. +$825+$80=$905.

Traveling with passengers is considered as charter time.

DPI charges jetty utilization fees to commercial vessels,  we pay on a yearly basis but it works out approx. $40 per tie up. We will add this cost onto all charters utilizing jetties other than  PDA Rous Head.

Security Deposits/Bonds.

All charters have a $1000 security deposit or bond, we reserve the right to increase the deposit from $1000 to $2000 for possible high risk charters. (Bucks, 18th & 21st Birthdays and charters that involve raft-ups or other vessels coming alongside.)

Other Considerations:

Ice and Iceboxes
To keep your food chilled we have a fridge in the main galley area. This is not suitable for large amounts of beverages. On some BYO cruises the guests bring their own iceboxes/eskies. If you would like us to supply ice and ice boxes then we can.

  • Perth Diving Academy can supply 200+litre insulated ice boxes containing 20kg of ice for $20.00 each.  We have up to 5 of these iceboxes but the average charter requires 2-3 only.
  • Additional ice is available for $10.00 per 10kg bag.  We have a freezer room at the Rous Head departure point but if you think you may require more than you have booked please check for availability as we do periodically defrost the freezer.

Barbeque Facilities
Lionfish IV does not have in-built BBQ facilities as they are not suitable or required for our normal day to day operations.

  • Perth Diving Academy can provide a 4 burner BBQ and gas bottle for $150.00. To provide a safe buffer zone for clients, the BBQ is usually positioned on the rear duck-board of Lionfish IV. This also means the boat should to be stationary to facilitate safe use. 

The background music output from the inbuilt speakers on the boat is not ‘Dance’ volume music. If you are using the wheelhouse deck as a dance floor you will require amplified music. Previous experience has shown the area is large enough for a DJ, Juke box or even a small band. 

  • Perth Diving Academy has Bluetooth and Wired amplified speakers available for $100.00 per set. These speakers have the input to allow you to plug in or connect Laptop , IPod or Phone if you wish to store the music and assemble a playlist. Your device can be located in a secure area so that your guests don’t mess with it!

Charter Location
If you are planning an event on or near Rottnest Island you may be required to apply for a license from the Rottnest Island Authority. There will be Marine Park Entries Fees associated with Rottnest charters.

On-board Decorations
Lionfish IV has coloured LED lights upstairs above the 'dance area'. We also have access to laser lights mounted in the same area. 

Most decorations and party favors are acceptable aboard Lionfish IV . Please ask our crew about the placement and utilization of certain items as some can cause a hazard to navigation if mounted in the wrong position.
Sparklers are not permitted as they can be a fire risk and may cause damage to parts of the vessel. Crepe paper is not recommended as the colour can run when it gets damp and cause stains to fabric, yours and ours!

When in doubt please ask.....