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Winter Diving Offer - 1st Jun until 31st Oct

Five Month Winter Pass $700

The Winter Diver Pass is a pre-pay system that covers all Lionfish IV Rottnest Day trips from 1st Jun until 31st Oct. (Excludes Key Biscayne )
There are usually in excess of 30 Day trips scheduled in this period. If you do 4 of the day trips you will be ahead of your purchase price in value.

During previous years we have managed to get the boat out more than enough times to enable our Winter Divers to get great value for money.

2012......35 Boat Day Trips
2013......26 Boat Day Trips
2014......18 Boat Day Trips
2015......23 Boat Day Trips
2016......19 Boat Day Trips

Even in the worst year, 2014 we still enabled our Winter Diver to get 3 times back on the value of their purchase.
Of course we understand that our Winter Divers are not able to dive every time the boat goes out, they have other committments, but they really only need to go out a few trips to get back their investment.

Some years we have had great weather and loads of dive trips out, by the same token some years are dismal and not many opportunities to dive arise.
This is the risk, but it generally means over the 5 month period it is not hard to get value for your money when you consider that even in the bad weather years we had 18 day trips out.
Don't get disillusioned if some of the months are bad, history show most of the dives are run in June and October so if you only dive 1 month you can still get good value!
Get in early and book some of your dives in June to hedge your bets.

The Winter dive passes offer a good incentive to buy your own gear......remember PDA has some great gear packages available for purchase!

These offers have been very popular in the past and they are restricted to a limited number of passes.




To purchase a Winter Dive Pass check out the 'SHOP' tab above or call Balcatta on 9344 1562 or Fremantle on 9430 6300