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Torch - ARCHON WH166 Canister Diving Light


  • 1,34500


Bulb: White CREE XM-L2 U2 LED *8 (max 5200 Lumens);

Red CREE XP-E N3*4(wavelength 620nm, max 400 Lumens)

Modes: High>Low>Red> off

◆ Runtime:: High (3.0h); Medium (4.0h); Low (10.0h); Red (10.0h)

◆ Color temperature: 5000K (white light);

◆ Reflector: No hotspot design, no reflector;

◆ Lens: 5mm Polycarbonate Board;

◆ Light head: with mounting connector default one light read, can use

two light heads also. (optional)

◆ Body material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum.

◆ Angle of light beam : 120;

◆ Surface treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodizing.

◆ Color: Black

◆ Battery: rechargeable Li-ion battery pack (26650 battery *8)

◆ Battery Indicator: 100%-50%: Green; 50%-30%: Yellow; 30%-10%:

Red; Below 10%: Red Flashing; Below 5%: switch off;

◆ Can be charged directly on the light, with battery over-discharging


◆ Fully charging time: 8-10h;

◆ With gas release valve

◆ Operation voltage: 12V to 18V;

Waterproof: 150 meters underwater

◆ Dimensions: 244.5mm (canister length)* 78.2mm (dia. Of canister) *

56.5mm (dia. Of light head);

◆ Weight: 2230 grams (with battery pack)

◆ Underwater Weight: 1100 grams (with battery pack)

◆ Impact resistance: 1.5M.

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