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Gear Hire - Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots

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This page is for clients to book additional hire gear when booking on our our dive boat... Lionfish IV

If you are planning on diving with us aboard Lionfish IV and you have none of your own snorkeling equipment with you we can supply you this equipment.

The cost for silicone Mask, Purge Snorkel, Open Heel Fins and 5mm zip boots is $20 for all. 

If you have your own Mask and Snorkel but need fins and boots, choose your size and then at checkout use the code BYOM&S and the cost will reduce by $10.00. (we will not supply Mask and Snorkel as part of this package)

If you have your own boots and fins but just need a Mask and Snorkel choose any size and use the code BYOF&B at checkout and the price will reduce by $10.00 (we will not supply Fins and boots as part of this package)