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Gear Hire - Wetsuit and weights

  • 2000

Perth Diving Academy proudly sells and uses NEPTUNE Wetsuits. 

NEPTUNE is a wholly owned Australian company and their products are AUSTRALIAN MADE in Beresfield, NSW Australia. NEPTUNE is the last remaining full line manufacturer of school, retail, custom and commercial suits in the Australian market and is still the largest employer of Australian’s within the wholesale/manufacturing sector of the Australian diving industry.

NEPTUNE offers fractional fitting all of the suits from 5mm upwards.For a good fit you need to know your Height, Chest, Waist and Hips

Sizes are listed in the drop down, choose the closest to your size or slightly over as the suits change over time. The best fit is a skin tight fit without being uncomfortable.

We will assemble what we regard as a suitable weight belt based on the average for the suit you select, the belt can be modified at the departure point, Lionfish IV does carry a small quantity of spare weight just in case.