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Mares Wahoo Mask - Black

Mask - MARES Wahoo - Black

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The Mares Wahoo mask is great value for money mask. This mask is based on Mares X-Vision mask and has a lot of the features that made the X-vision such a great mask including it's unique frame shape.

The frame angle and lens shape of the Wahoo mask have been engineered to give the wearer an excellent field of view.

The engineering includes:

- lenses with a reverse tear drop design which brings the lenses down further and into a point that allows better lower visibility.

- sides also take advantage of strategically placed angles to improve peripheral vision.

- the whole frame is set at an angle that draws the bottom of the frame in towards the cheek bones, moving the frame outside of the your vision.

Our Wahoo black is fitted with a full silicone skirt for a soft comfortable seal against the skin. The silicone mask strap is secured directly to the skirt to help spread the stresses of movement out across the entire skirt rather than push and pull the frame around. The buckle system can be swivelled up and down for optimal strap positioning. A simple pinch release mechanism allows for rapid strap adjustment when needed.

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