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Night & Navigation Bundle

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Does the idea of being underwater at night intrigue you? How about creating the
opportunity to get mid week dives in after work?
You dive with a torch to observe creatures that you would not normally see during
the daylight hours, plus those that you know well often behave completely differently
during the twilight hours.
We can give you the skills you need to dive at night and see all these things with
control of your torch, dive equipment, buddy communication and buoyancy.
Comfortable night divers often use less air than diving during the day.


Do you often get lost trying to get back to the boat or shore or popping up and then
having to face a big surface swim back to the boat or shore?
We will show you how to navigate easily and give you the skills you need to avoid
those long surface swims. Enjoy your dive and the reward of finding your way easily
back to the boat anchor or shore.

The Bundle:

We are offering a special bundle of these two separate speciality courses; Night and limited Visibility and a Navigation specialities.
The special course cost is only $199.00 for the two courses being run together.
There are two separate RAID certifications which normally cost $65USD each (~$180 AUD after exchange rate). If you pay PDA for AUD$150 rather than buying them from RAID online we can unlock the two training packages.
A total of $349.00  for both courses and certification, saving you about $30.00

What’s included:

  • Daytime and nighttime shore dives conducted over 2 evenings.
  • Air fills for the duration of the course.
  • RAID online e-learning packs.
  • RAID International Recognised
    Night and Limited Visibility Speciality Certification and
    Navigation certification.
  • RAID E-cards (1 for each separate speciality rating)
  • Cyalume chemical Glow sticks.

What you will need:

Your recreational dive equipment or you can hire any equipment at a special 1 day rate for the two day course.
Other equipment you will need to use during the course (can be purchased on 1st day)

  • Diving compass.
  • Dive Torch & a suitable back up.
  • Underwater writing slate with pencil.