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In addition to the Chillproof material this suit blocks the tiny electrical discharges from your body. Some marine animals can detect your body's tiny electrical discharges. We know that when you move your muscles signals are sent down nerve fibres and the movement of the muscles themselves generate tiny electrical signals. Some marine creatures can 'see' these signals and they don't use their eyes to 'see' in this case. That explains, for example, how rays can detect the movement of moluscs and fish when they are hidden under the sand!
These suits block the electrical discharges from your body and that means you can get closer to many marine creatures to get better photographs. They also mask your body's signals from sharks but these suits should not be relied on as a primary protection mechanism from unpredicable and dangerous predators that have other effective senses too.
Chillproof Sharkskin is truly modern material. It is the choice of tri-athletes because it can be worn in the water for warmth and, unlike traditional wetsuit material, can be worn while running or cycling thanks largely to the layered construction.
The inner layer traps water against the skin whilst in the water and achieves a degree of warnth unequalled by the neoprene of a traditional wetsuit. Out of the water the inner layer wicks sweat away from the body and delivers it to the middle layer. The middle layer is a breathable membrane which allows evaporation of the body sweat whilst still retaining a windproof barrier against chill. This is the same type of membrane found in high-end rainwear and waterproof shoes. Finally, the outer layer is tough, stretchy and UV proof.
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